Put the fun back into your sport with one of Rob’s engaging and powerful presentations. Whether you’re looking to kick off your season for all your teams, motivate your captains, recap a season for all your school’s sport teams, provide a motivational boost in the middle of the season, or celebrate a job well done - Rob’s enthusiasm will captivate your audience. You and your teams will leave the event feeling invigorated, motivated, and ready to tackle the next challenge.

Rob takes the time to understand your audience and will customize a presentation to meet your athletes’ specific needs. In the past, he’s addressed such topics as:

  • What it Takes to be a Champion
  • Five Mental Strategies to Succeed
  • Peak Performance Every Day
  • Secrets that Great Teams Know
  • Leadership Secrets Great Captains Know

“Rob was the keynote speaker for our 2006 Fall All-Sports Awards Dinner at Oratory Preparatory High School. He was very enthusiastic and engaging. His speech, ‘What It Takes to be a Champion,” was very interesting. Rob made it personal and relevant by interviewing our coaches about their fall season so he could use our own student-athletes as examples of champion attitude, preparation and performance. I would recommend Rob for any keynote-type event.” — William Martin, Oratory Prep Athletic Director



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