"Hi Rob- I won my match 6-2, 6-3 today, although I made a lot of unforced errors, I felt like I was hitting well. My mental game was great! I got mad at myself a few times, but brought myself back quickly. I was very aware and relaxed. I am playing tomorrow at 2. I hope to talk to you soon!"

"Alls good Rob, I miss u man, how is everything, I’ve change mentally a lot, u would be very proud."

"Hey Rob, I won 0 and 0, I played very focused."

"Thanks Rob, I will remember that I can control how I compete. The que card really helped."

"You truly made my day, its funny how little things in life can mean so much. Thanks again. Played like butter.

"Hey Rob, I won today! 7-5, 6-4. I used the tools you have given me, and they are helping me play to my potential on every given day. Thanks 4 all your help and support."

"Hey Rob, thanks, most of all today, I am going to go out and play proud and show myself that I can come back after a loss and still find a way to win."

"Hey Rob, I’m playing a kid I’ve never played before and I tend to get nervous against kids I’ve never played. What should I do?"

"Hey Thanks! Imperfectly perfect…hell yea! U helped me so much thru the entire process and I wanna thank u 4 your time. I’m looking forward to continuing."

"Hey Rob, I lost my match but played proud."

"Thanks and thanks 4 all your support!"

"This past game I was hit by a pitch in the head, it felt great, next at bat I got a double!"

"Hey Rob, I played sweet today, it was nice to re-enter the zone. Thanks 4 ur time and help!"

"I choose the champions route, I am proud of myself for my decision, our talk really helped. It helped me realize it’s my decision and I’m doing it for myself."

"Well, I lost to the #5 seed, but I fought hard."

"Yea, it was nice to re-enter the zone. Thanks 4 ur time and help today. "

"Yea, I need to smooth it out and flow with trust. I started practice not doing well, but I accepted where I was, stayed patient, and the next thing I know I was playing great. You’re right, trust the process, it worked!!"



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