"Rob was fantastic to work with. In a very short amount time he was able to identify the right exercises to help me get over fears of performing scratch spins. I was mentally stuck in my fear for months but I was able to do my first scratch spin within a few weeks after consulting Rob. I still use my exercises today when I start working on a new figure skating element."  - Zuzka P., figure skater

"Rob and I worked together prior to my running my first marathon. Because I had never run beyond 20 miles I was pretty nervous of the uncertainty that lay ahead. Through a combination of unguided imagery and a technique called “natural flow,” Rob helped me release the anxiousness that I was holding in my body. By race time I was relaxed and ready to go. Sure enough, I had a great race, didn’t worry about a thing, never hit the wall and even qualified for the Boston Marathon!" - Debra A., Runner

"The only thing that ever held me back throughout my baseball career was my inability to overcome certain mental blocks that most athletes face. It had gotten so bad that I couldn’t even play catch without having a million things run through my head. If it wasn’t for Rob Polishook and Inside the Zone, my career would probably be over. Since I started working with Rob, my performance as well as my confidence has sky-rocketed. Thanks to his efforts I can now enjoy playing the game that I have always loved." - Taylor M., College Baseball

"Working with Rob has helped me trust myself, play within myself, manage my nerves, reduce my expectations, and focus on the process of real competition. Since I began working with Rob, I now am able to relax on court because I have accepted who I am as a tennis player. Rob is always there for me whether it is to encourage, motivate, pump up, relax, talk, or simply listen before big matches...he usually has the ideal quote to put you inside the ZONE." - Dean T., Tennis

"Rob is a solution-focused performance coach who inspires you to perform at your highest potential even if you can't see it for yourself! Rob motivated me to think about what it would take to prepare, participate and compete in a bike race in memory of a dear friend of mine. Working with Rob has been eye-opening; he encourages you to confront and accept your fears and then continue to move forward towards your goals. I am pleased to say that I am well on my way to the starting line. Thank you Rob, you are a superstar!" - Michelle A., Cyclist

"Through my work with Rob I have become such a better tennis player. My game itself has improved, but that is merely the result of other changes that I have undergone. Working with Rob has made me more confident. It has allowed me to enjoy playing tennis more than I ever have in my life. And one of the most refreshing things is that he made that clear for me. He helped me understand that what I learned in the realm of tennis- accepting myself as a player, accepting my nervousness during a match, enjoying the game- can be used outside the court." - Graham S., tennis

"Thank you for helping me “free my hands” while hitting the ground strokes. It was really a great help. It’s hard to express in words how happy and thankful I am for your guidance. There is no doubt that tennis is so mental and I am grateful for your help in helping me achieve my goals." - Divanshu S., tennis

"Rob and I worked together at the Bangalore Tennis Center. Before he came I was serving well, however, I had been working to get a bit extra on my serve.  It was almost like magic, he asked me to notice the lift feeling I was getting in my legs on my old serve. I soon realized that my legs where not generating the power they where capable of. He then asked me to serve with my eyes closed, explode off the ground, and notice the feeling in my legs. It was almost if I was flying! Rob then advised me to be aware of where I felt this new serve in my body. Immediately I felt it in my thighs, the explosion was so powerful. With this newfound awareness, I integrated the big lift and immediately picked up at least another 10-15 mph on my serve. Now when I step to the line, I just remember the feeling and go out and hit big serves. I am truly grateful for the  work we did together." - Aditya M., tennis

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