“Since my daughter has been working with Rob, her on-court behavior has improved immensely. Rob has helped her to regain focus, reframe her negative thoughts, and channel her energy into the point. While she may not be winning every match, she is certainly more competitive and winning more. But most importantly, she is on her way towards achieving her goals. He has helped her find a way to accept and learn from losses and enjoy the process.” - Theresa M.

"Since working with Rob her competitive results have changed in a positive way. She accepts that she is control of the things that she can control, and is better at embracing those that she cannot. Her match play is more relaxed and for the most part she enjoys competing. Most important, she realizes that while results are important, her focus needs to be on the process by staying in the moment. From there, the results she desires will come." - Allen S.

"Rob is a truly special person to our three daughters, Katie, Allie and Laura. He has trained them for the last four years and helped them in countless ways both on and off the tennis court. He has improved all their tennis games immeasurably, but more so, he has combined this with his own inner game of tennis which is geared to living a successful life. Coach is a true mentor who genuinely cares for his pupils, inspires them to risk, find themselves and take the road to self awareness and growth, Coach’s unique "Inside the Zone mental training program truly prepares his students for both tennis and life. As long as I have known Coach it has always been about discovery and overcoming the fears and obstacles that we encounter in our daily lives. He totally believes that each person in their own has the inner power to be successful and to achieve great things." - Peter T.

"Thank you for all you did for us. I didn’t find out about you until one week before state qualifier and yet you still found time to help my son with his anxiety and fear. Although things didn'twork out for him i believe hes in a far better place now than if he had never spent time with you. I only wish we could have found you earlier in the season Thanks for teaching us how important the mental aspect of sports can be and how to deal with it. Im sure we will be talking to you in the future." - Curtis T.

"Our son is a junior tennis player and he has been working with Rob on various aspects of his mental game. Since that time we have seen a tremendous improvement in his game. We have also seen a noticeable change in his attitude off the court too. Our son enjoys his sessions with Rob and feels very comfortable with Rob. He feels Rob is trustworthy and understanding. As parents, we are particularly appreciative for Rob's efforts to continuously keep us in the loop. Rob gives us constructive suggestions on how to best help Jonathan with his mental game on and off the court." - Stephen L.

"Rob's workshop for parents was very insightful. As a parent, it felt very comforting to know that ALL the other parents in the room had the same issues and experiences with their children that we have with ours. Discovering that other families also experience horrible rides home from tournaments was eye opening! Rob is extremely empathetic and was familiar with every issue the parents discussed in the workshop. He had calm, logical perspective to situations that come up, but did not mask that fact that all issues take work-they do not solve themselves overnight. Our son has achieved much success working with Rob." - Sue W.

"Working with Rob has raised Karolina's game to the next level. Rob is a patient listener and has the best intentions in helping his clients. Rob's positive outlook and tips have made the experience worthwhile." - Thank you, Mike W.

"Hi Rob! I could not wait to tell you about Peter's first sectional match yesterday! As you know, Peter turned 11 about two weeks ago. His opponent will turn 13 in August (a little intimidating...) Although Peter lost, he played the best match I've ever seen him play! The score, after two and a half hours, was 7-6, 7-5. Peter fought hard to the end! But more important, he was composed and calm throughout the entire match. He played like he enjoyed every point. When he served, he took his time. When he lost a point, he moved on like nothing happened. He chased down every ball he could, and played with a passion that I haven't seen in him before. Although he lost, and the score was very close (most points went to deuce), at the end, there were no tears, but rather a great feeling for how well he played. He shook his opponent's hand, and feeling exhausted, walked off the court. Many of the spectators came up to him and me and congratulated him on a great match, and commented on his sportsmanship. He's playing like an entirely different boy! So calm.... We can't wait to see you and tell you all about it in person. But for now, thanks! Without you, Peter would not have been able to handle himself as well as he did yesterday! You would be so proud. I am!!! Thanks again for everything!" - Enjoy Gretchen

"Rob is the consummate professional. I have seen first hand his desire, knowledge and work ethic. Moreover, the most important factor is the fact that Rob’s work definitely creates results. I have seen a measurable improvement regarding the work he has done with my daughter." - Bob D., 2007

"Rob, you are the epitome of what constitutes a good coach. That is sensitivity and insight. He sees what is unique in the player and understands how to build on the strengths and shore up the weaknesses. Rob knew what my daughter needed, and most importantly how to work together with respect and trust. It all came together, as she won the 2006 NJ State Singles Tennis Championship. Rob is more than a coach, but a friend and veritable family member." - Al M.

"Thank you working with my daughter. She really appreciated your energy! She said she became much more aware of what she was trying to do with the ball now. You are integral to the athlete! Thank you again for all the help!" - Laura F.

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