Polishook featured on ESPN’s newest 30 for 30 sports film:

FIELDS of FEAR- what happened to me?

The story of former professional baseball player/ NY Met Mackey Sasser, his throwing yips, and redemption. Directed by academy award winning producer Alex Gibney.

Watch 17 minute 30 for 30 ESPN Fields of Fear film:

Polishook stated, “My colleagues and I worked with Mackey though the lens of More Than an Athlete. Person first. Athlete second.” This freed us up to see the whole picture: Mackey was not just as an athlete, but a whole person. The yips was not the problem, but a symptom to underlying things which happened both on and off the field. It was the perfect storm… and ultimately resolved. Sasser described it as a “500 pound weight lifted off my shoulders.”

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