"Rob is one of our nation's top mental training coaches today! His seminar at the ITA Coaches Convention was entertaining, educational, and spot on regarding the challenges college coaches face. Rob's numerous articles on the mental side of competitive tennis reveal a wealth of knowledge and insight into the mind of players at all levels of the game. Tennis parents, players, and coaches could and should use a large dosage of Rob's ideas and perspective to navigate through the rough and tumble world of competitive tennis. Rob has successfully mentored a parent I know with his nationally ranked junior and many other top junior players." - Ed Krass, Founder/Director College Tennis Exposure Camp & One-On-One Doubles Tennis Events

"Rob is doing cutting edge work in the field of sport and performance psychology. He is enthusiastic and passionate about his work. His creative workshops are both educational and entertaining and will leave competitors with proven skills in which to apply in tennis and LIFE. He has spoken at the USPTA World Conference and internationally in India and Israel. His program is a must for anyone that wants to break through to the next level." - Lee Hurst, Founder & Director, 360TENNIS, NJ

“Rob has worked with my girl’s basketball team over the last two years. During this time he has conducted numerous workshops targeted to the specific pulse the team was experiencing at the time. His ‘Feel, Trust and Shoot’ workshop is credited with helping the Summit Girl’s Varsity Basketball Team with improving its free-throw shooting from 32 percent to a season-ending 62 percent success rate. On numerous occasions he has provided me with a unique perspective in which to rebound and build on situations.” - B. Erikson, Summit Varsity Basketball Coach

"Rob’s talk was both enjoyable and useful. In the past 15 years I’ve coached mechanics, conditioning, positioning and relied on the native competitive drive of my players to bring out their best. Rob gave me some new things to introduce, like when a player loses to make sure he knows that he has done his job if he or she has prepared well and left it all on the court. I learned some steps to make sure my players are ready to do their best and winning or losing is just an outcome and not the only evaluator as some of my players have believed. I’ve seen some improvement, based on what Rob was saying, in performance as I get them away from wining at all costs to preparing, practicing and playing the match to the best of player’s ability." - Robert L. McNutt, Summit and Governor Livingston High School Coach

"Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with the at the NJSIAA’s annual High School Golf Coaches Conference. I have read books by many of the "popular" sports psychologists and can say your ideas present a different viewpoint from anything I have read to date. The concept of performing "in the present" while letting go of thoughts about the past or future is intriguing. And rather than struggling to block out past failures, and then compounding the worrying with the worry about the possibility of them resurfacing at a critical moment vs. recognizing these as symptoms and facing the causes head on and releasing them makes more sense to me. Your presentation was full of enthusiasm! It was evident that this enthusiasm came from a genuine interest in sharing ideas which you felt could help the coaches and our players." - Tom Grant, Nutley High School Golf Coach

"Rob presented a workshop entitled "Break Point or Break Down -Concentrate to Win," at the Ramat Hasharon Israeli Tennis Center (ITC) in August 2007, for our staff of 30 sport psychologists and head tennis coach during our annual Israeli Tennis Center meeting. Rob's model, as well as his delivery, were both dynamic and interesting. His energy level and his passion came across to all of us who participated. Most importantly, he left us with tools that we can use when we work with our athletes on a day to day basis. We are looking forward to hosting him again in the near future." - Dr. Ellen Katz, Director, Center for Sport Psychology, Israel Tennis Center, Ramat Hasharon, Israel

"It was a pleasure having Rob at the High Performance Tennis Center (HPTC) being run at the Karnataka State Lawn Tennis Association (KSLTA) Tennis complex. I appreciate his commitment towards the sport to help out the players of HPTC. His interaction & the approach towards the mental side of the game was indeed a big eye opener for all of us at HPTC. Rob's presentation on the Psychological side of Tennis was extremely creative and informative. His enthusiasm and sincere interest in the kids at our Karnataka High Performance Tennis Center was what made for such a great afternoon." - Sunil Yajaman, WTA Bangalore Open, Director - HPTC, KSLTA Tennis Stadium, Bangalore, India

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